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Entry #3

what im up to

2010-06-19 12:26:33 by SJGFILM

Hey there everybody!
long time since ive been on here, but i was stuck with an uber lame computer for a very very long time and it was impossible to do anything with it. however, i am now up and running and fully operational. I have 4 things in the pipeline ( it is a long pipeline)

I do actually really want to finish off that Bolt animation i said i was gonna do, and it will be done... eventually. Also i have something that will involve VERY evil clowns. a new series/pilot called 'Gangsta Cat' which is going swimmingly, and will feature music by my good friend Danny, you can find him on this site somewhere. And there is something very very epic that NEEDS to be done, the script is fully written and I am very excited for it, going to be calling in some favours off some old favourites on this site.

Anybody who reads this leave a comment! i will chat mindlessly for you

what im up to


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